Banniere Paris Innovative Finance and FinTech Workshop

“Paris Innovative Finance and FinTech Workshop ”

May 4, 2018



Valérie FernandesHolds a PhD in management from Corsica University and an HDR from Evry University (habilitation to supervise research) on the theme of "industrial performance: an approach through the sustainable management of the supply chain. " Her current research focuses on circular economy and territorial resilience (with application in the Port domain), as well as on responsible purchasing and risk reduction. She is also vice-president of the development board of the Atlantic Port La Rochelle. She is dean of the faculty of La Rochelle Business School.

Last intellectual contributions

FERNANDES V. et BELET D. (2016), « Cas SOLVAY – Unité industrielle de La Rochelle, première unité de recyclage des terres rares en Europe. Deux exemples d’économie circulaire », dans La RSE comme opportunité d’innovations : 10 cas de pratiques responsables, DUNOD, coordonné par P.BARET et ROMESTANT F.
FERNANDES, V. et KADIO, C. (2017), « Impact de l’économie circulaire dans le management de la supply chain : Une étude exploratoire », In PROLOG Project Logistic 3rd edition, France La Rochelle, 11-12 May.


Faten BEN BOUHENITechnological innovation is at the heart of recent international legislation. Financial Innovation and Fintech have evolved into a powerful global movement that has brought together entrepreneurs, technology giants, big banks and all the economic stakeholders to develop ideas and innovations that can exploit the power of the digital age to create better, sustainable, financial services for more people of different backgrounds and for future generations to come.

In my Ph.D thesis and my research, about financial regulation and supervision, I made an in depth study of the banking reforms that were implemented or updated as a response to the financial crisis of 2007/2008, and the topic continues to be of interest to me.

The international regulatory and supervisory framework should encourage firms and startups to benefit from financial innovation to provide their customers with the most suitable and accessible products. Acknowledging the potential of FinTech, the European Commission has set up a Task Force on Financial Technology across all relevant services working on financial regulation, technology, data, access to finance, entrepreneurship, consumer protection and competition to ensure that its assessment reflects the multi-disciplinary approach that FinTech requires. Presently this subject occupies a large part of the media landscape, in economics as well as politics.

The Paris Innovative Finance and Fintech Workshop (Paris IFF) will provide an opportunity for practitioners and researchers to exchange and share different opinions on this subject with young ambitious students whose future will be shaped by today’s regulatory initiatives.

I am happy to welcome you on May 04, 2017 in ISC Paris’s premises to discuss issues related to the role of FinTech and innovative finance in supporting expanding businesses that build sustainable economic prosperity.